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Sawdust Mushroom Spawn 6lb


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Spawn is ready to use on receipt! Each bag makes 10-20+- 7lb bags πŸ’ͺ

Professionally Made Mushroom Spawn

This is the same spawn used for almost all of my work. Take advantage of professionally prepared spawns, save time and get growing bulk gourmet mushrooms, quickly!

Sawdust Spawn Basics

Sawdust spawn is fully colonized and ready to expand to more sawdust prepared for spawn use, or substrates prepared for fruiting. The main difference in spawn vs substrates is nutrition composition. With spawns, we add protein, with substrates we add nitrogen. This influences the growth of the mycelium positively with respect to the requirement.

1 6lb bag will comfortably inoculate 10-15 7lb sawdust bags, experienced growers can produce 20+ bags by using less spawn, but less spawn means longer spawn runs and more room for error. When in doubt, always plan to use more spawn to ensure fast, consistent grows.

Sawdust Spawn For Mushroom Log Growing

Sawdust spawn can also be used in lieu of plug spawn for inoculating wood logs for growing mushrooms outdoors in a more natural way. FreshCap Mushrooms has an excellent write up for inoculating logs for growing mushrooms. Skip to Step #2, replace plugs with sawdust spawn and you’re set.

“Why do I need to use sawdust spawn?” More details below!


Mushroom Spawn For Sale:

  • Lions Mane Spawn
  • Pioppino Spawn
  • King Oyster Spawn
  • Blue/Grey Oyster Spawn
  • Yellow/Gold Oyster Spawn
  • Maitake Spawn


Why Do I Care About Sawdust Mushroom Spawn vs Grain Spawn?

Competitor molds love free and easily available starch commonly found in grain spawn for mushrooms with millet, rye, milo & other grains. The future of gourmet mushroom spawn is grainless, with sawdust mushroom spawn being the most economic choice for growers however other companies like Sylvan have fully synthetic mushroom spawns comprised of a “proprietary blend of agricultural byproducts” — they wouldn’t tell me the secret sauce when I asked.

In addition to the benefits of reduced starch content and competitors (IE TRICH!) grainless spawn is fine & particulate, meaning you have many more inoculation points and are more easily able to distribute the spawn in bags, tubs or other substrate vessels. This translates to faster colonization, using less spawn, meaning more bags in production, growing faster – for less! If you’ve ever struggled with spawn or any part of the growing process, try sawdust spawn and you won’t be disappointed at the ease of use, speed & vigor compared to grain spawns. Sawdust spawn is PERFECT FOR NEW GROWERS and extremely forgiving!

Unless you are on a commercial schedule, your spawns have a ship window of 2-4 weeks!!!

If you have commercial needs, email LetsGrow@MycTyson.com for bulk pricing, freight quotes (if applicable) and/or to schedule your order.

If you need to schedule your order for a future delivery date, please indicate in the shipping notes on checkout.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
Spawn Variety:

Lions Mane, Blue/Grey Oyster, Lung/Phoenix Oyster, Yellow/Gold Oyster, Maitake, Reishi*, King Oyster, Piopinno, Pink Oyster

Shipping Lead Time

2-4 Weeks

10 reviews for Sawdust Mushroom Spawn 6lb

  1. James R. (verified owner)

    As usual, very happy

  2. . (verified owner)

    Product looks great awesome way to start growing mushrooms waiting for fruits now

  3. . (verified owner)

    I just received my spawn on Monday and inoculated it the same day with Myc’s sawdust substrate and its already getting a massive amount of healthy mycelium growing thru out the bags
    Super satisfied and repeat customer here

  4. Joselyn G. (verified owner)

    The spawn arrived fast and fully colonized! Myvtyson has been incredibly helpful as I am new to this hobby. You can really tell the care and love he puts into his products. A+++

  5. . (verified owner)

    Ordered both blue Oyster and pioppino spawn and they can both fully colonized and ready to spawn to sawdust substrate. Great quality and clean. Thanks!

  6. . (verified owner)

    It came ready to fruit! All i did was slit an β€œx” in the plastic and watch it grow! I had a huge fruiting! I wish i would have thought to leave a review with photos before i made fried lions mane, sauteed lions mane, and lions mane grilled cheese. I had enough that i ate lions mane for 4 different meals and snacked on fried lions mane in between. Thanks!!

  7. . (verified owner)

    I am constantly inspired by Mycs drive! Aboit to order again as I watch my current bags tear through hardwood pellets like nothing. Go myctyson!

  8. ophelia c. (verified owner)

    Best products from the nicest people. These spawn bags arrive happy because they come from a happy place!!! Always produces and never disappoints. AAAAAAA++++++++

    Sawdust Mushroom Spawn 6lb
  9. . (verified owner)

    First of two packages was quickly shipped. Myc is very responsive. Customer service is unbeatable.

  10. . (verified owner)

    Amazing service, Amazing products and super helpful with all of my questions. I highly suggest ordering from myctyson he is a humble guy doing amazing work. will be ordering again soon.

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