Bulk Dehydrated Maitake

Air dried, commercially grown, certified organic Maitake mushrooms for sale grown by my friends at one of the top producers of gourmet mushrooms in Pennsylvania. Organic bulk dry maitake is produced only in small, limited batches & I offer the freshest dehydrated mushrooms you’ll likely ever see outside of your own grows or finds!

Also known as hen of the woods or rams head, Maitake is a mushroom lending rich flavor to many dishes but pairs especially well with meats. Even on it’s own Maitake is a mushroom which never leaves one disappointed after enjoying!

How Do I Rehydrated Dehydrated Mushrooms?

Rehydrating dehydrated mushrooms is pretty straight forward, soak in water (warm works better) for 5-10 minutes, strain and treat as you would fresh mushrooms. Maitake packs a powerful ‘umami’ punch, and is one of the few mushrooms that when dehydrated, are actually worth getting excited about. The flavor is unique, and you won’t be sorry you tried them!

1lb dry ~= 10lb fresh mushrooms

Is Maitake Good For You?

Maitake is also desirable to those interested in medicinal mushrooms, click here for information from Drugs.com – and thanks for checking out the dehydrated maitake mushrooms! If you’d prefer to grow your own, my sawdust mushroom spawn is available for maitake, click here to check it out!