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Pre-Poured Agar Dishes & Slants

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Sterile Petri Dishes

I offer convenient MADE TO ORDER solutions for home growers, in this case I help to remove the hassle from pouring petri dishes in a still air or glove box, or even for those who are too busy to make their own plates while running a mushroom farm.

I am happy to help with sterile petri dishes for culture work and slants for long term storage of mushroom cultures.

Upon receipt feel free to refrigerate, use when ready to get to work!

“..Antibiotics? πŸ€””

Add antibiotics to the dishes/slants in the event you’re working with spores, tissue transfers (cloning mushrooms) or are otherwise concerned about bacterial contaminants. For slants, it can’t hurt to have an added layer of protection, but is not necessary!

NOTE: Don’t use antibiotics as a crutch for poor technique, it will bite you in the ass!


Expect up to 7 days before shipping.

Pre-Pours are NOT individually wrapped, they arrive in 20 packs in sealed gallon zip-locks. If you would like pre-wrapped plates, send me an email for a vendor recommendation!

Some condensate can be expected when conditions outside (during shipping) are not comparable to inside (when you bring the box indoors). To remedy this, after sealing the plates, store them upside down and condensate will dissipate within 1-2 days.

If you’d like to mix your dishes & slants, keep them in increments of 20 & indicate in the ‘Shipping Notes’ on checkout!!



More Details Below!!

STOP! Monthly & Quarterly Agar Deliveries ARE AVAILABLE!

Yes you read that right! Additional savings on shipping, free parafilm with all orders and dollar plates/slants any time!


While simple at face value, pouring agar can be time consuming and if not done right, a complete waste of time. That’s where I come in! With years of experience starting from a still air box and working up to a 4×4 flow hood, I love spending time in the lab and doubly so when it feeds my family! I offer pre-poured agar at a significant savings to other retailers online, and I like to think my sensible approach helps to encourage others to try agar once they realize it’s not so scary!

Pre-Poured PDA Plates

P(otato) D(extrose) A(gar) (aka PDA) is the current formulation in production. Gentamicin sulfate is the active antibiotic, if chosen.

Storage life of pre-poured agar plates depends on how you store them, kept in the bag (or another sealed container) they arrive in & refrigerated they can last for some time. If sealed with parafilm and left out in the open, they will dry within a few months. Slants however are completely sealed, and need no special storage considerations other than post inoculation/colonization cold storage is recommended with the health of the culture in mind (other thank pink oysters!) this applies to stored petri dishes though they will still dry out in time if not kept sealed.

Want to learn how to pour your own? See my tools & resources section for links to bulk agar, and the article I wrote on pouring agar for mushrooms to learn how it’s done & learn about a unique agar recipe you probably haven’t heard of!

Do you do a LOT of culture work for mushrooms?

Consider my pre-poured agar subscription service which offers monthly & quarterly (every 3 months) petri dish or slant deliveries. Always $1/ea (aside from antibiotic additives) for subscribers, you also receive discounted flat rate $10 shipping on any quantity ordered as well as complimentary parafilm (or alternative) for each dish.

Additional information

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Slants, Plates


20, 40


With Antibiotics, Without Antibiotics


Not Needed, 20 Dishes Worth, 40 dishes worth

29 reviews for Pre-Poured Agar Dishes & Slants

  1. William H. (verified owner)

    Agar plates arrived quickly, were professionally poured with high grade agar and dishes, and very reasonably priced. MycTyson products are consistently high quality and exceptionally good value. Will purchase again and recommend to everyone.

  2. Eric W. (verified owner)

    Product arrived in good shape contamination free happy with my purchase

  3. DJ B. (verified owner)

    Plates arrived fast and fresh. Myc is an absolute professional and the care he puts into his work shows.

  4. . (verified owner)

    LOVE the agar plates, they came quickly and professionally. I did Spore to Agar, and they’re already eating into them like mad after just a day!

  5. . (verified owner)

    The dishes arrived fast & in good condition. Customer service was great. I have ordered other items and been very satisfied. I will be ordering again

  6. . (verified owner)

    the petri dishes are the best quality and price around

  7. Ben S. (verified owner)

    Awesome experience. From the first contact to the order arrival I could not have asked for better service. Have always been leery about premade supplies but not anymore. Zero issues on any of the plates oh and did I mention no more condensation worries. They where all crystal clear. Mycelium has taken to then perfectly. Thanks myctyson!!!

  8. Luv P. (verified owner)

    If you guys are looking for high quality Petrie dishes this is the guy to get them from! I’ve looked around several different places and Myc beats everyone else, so I’m here to tell you to not look for any other vendor cause I don’t want you to waste your time searching when this is where you wanna get all your mushy stuff from! Mush love and happy growing you guys!

  9. Cruz S. (verified owner)

    I Paid 60$ with shipping and handling and got 40 agar plates, i used ten for my lions mane mushrooms and they love this stuff!!! I stored the rest in my refrigerator for a later day. awesome price and great customer service! thanks!!!

  10. Jeremy M. (verified owner)

    Myctyson kept me updated through the whole β€œPouring agar process” , and when it was mailed with tracking. Great Customer Service Sir😎 spore germination on plates have been successful and are currently looking great πŸ‘πŸΌ Thanks for a GREAT PRODUCT MycTyson πŸ™πŸΌ I will order from you again Sir πŸ„πŸ’™

  11. Michael K. (verified owner)

    Excellent products. Great quality. I can personally attest to the high quality of the Lions Mane fruiting blocks and agar products. Wonderful buying experience from beginning to end. Super human being I feel confident and happy to do business with.

  12. Jared S. (verified owner)

    First time buyer, and it will not be the last!! Excellent product, great packaging and shipped fast! With something extra thrown in, like Myc read my mind, thanks a lot!

  13. Adda L. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product. Arrived in a timely manner and was ideally sealed and packaged. Seeing growth withing 24 hours beyond quality. Thanks again

  14. Gregory U. (verified owner)

    Its hard to review just the pre-poured Agar, when the entire MycTyson experience is what makes a good product out of this world. To start, the pre-poured Agar comes packed with care and there are multiple communication updates along the way so I knew exactly when to expect the delivery and felt connected to the process. The connection to the process is the major differentiator. MycTyson took time out of his insanely busy day to reach out to me via email, via social media to thank me for picking him for my agar needs. It is only a dollar a plate and yet I got the 5 star high-roller customer care. You may have found this review because of social media or reddit; but I encourage you to also check out his website resources. Not only is he a Mycology genius, he is also incredibly talented at sharing that knowledge. MycTyson is the pandemic MVP….. and his agar plates are pristine.

    Mush Love,

  15. Herbert C. (verified owner)

    Order came bass in in order They had very good customer service a gar is very very good will definitely order again

  16. John J. (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend any of Myctyson products. The agar plates are of highest quality, poured to order fresh, incubated for guaranteed clean starts. I have also ordered some manure substrate I am excited to get because I know it’s the best of quality. Great prices, better products and the best people.

  17. . (verified owner)

    I was going to pour my own plates but the price for them is unbeatable. High quality and great customer service. I will definitely be buying from here again!

  18. . (verified owner)

    Agar was perfectly poured, para film was pre-cut and conveniently packaged. Honestly- I’m never going to even look for media anywhere else because Tyson is a great resource and I want to only support small businesses in my business. Thanks Tyson!!

  19. Travis B. (verified owner)

    Amazing quality plates, this man makes! Im also among those that don’t yet have a flowhood so pouring sterile plates is trivial at best.
    Also he has great communication and fast response time, considering how busy he stays.
    Thanks so much for the quality work and keep fighting the good fight!

  20. . (verified owner)

    Plates showed up pretty quickly with great communication considering how busy this guy is! Everything was sterile and ready to roll! Will order again and again!

  21. Logan D. (verified owner)

    These are great! Very new to mushrooms and agar and was very convenient and cost effective to have MycTyson send pre-made agar dishes and slants.

    Have only had my cultures growing for a week or so but so far so good!

    Dishes arrived in good shape and overall had a great experience.

  22. Hank C. (verified owner)

    All dishes arrived in good shape. I’ve used 17 and none have had any contamination issues. I’m doing my work without a SAB or flow hood, so I know these plates are super clean!

    Plus, the man behind the mush is 100% legit. Professional, courteous and he gives back to the community. Will continue to do business with MycTyson for all my agar needs. Thanks for providing an amazing service!!

  23. Donald S. (verified owner)

    I HATE POURING MY OWN DISHES! Myc made my life so much easier! I ordered plates from another company once before and the difference in quality was night and day. Just looking at mycs plates you can tell they are great quality the agar has a rich golden color and the viscosity is great ! The other company I’ve are almost clear and the agar crumbles apart when making transfers.

    Myctyson also has great customer service he’s answered random questions I’ve had about things that have nothing to do with orders he’s super responsive and has my business for as long as he’s in business

  24. michael i. (verified owner)

    Dishes came in perfect shape and faster than expected. Have had great quality in terms of my research with them. All my cultures are taking to these perfectly. Thanks a bunch Myc!

  25. . (verified owner)

    After trying several suppliers, and based on a friend’s recommendation, I opted to get my trays & slants from MycTyson. These are hands-down the highest quality I have worked with yet. The products are the absolute best out there. Neatly bagged, labeled, and carefully packaged…I didn’t have a single cracked tray.

    On top of that, this place has the absolute best customer service! I won’t shop anywhere else.

  26. . (verified owner)

    Awesome dishes, poured great and shipping time was way sooner than I had expected. Definitely wont be disappointed with this purchase.

  27. . (verified owner)

    Great pre pours at a very solid price! Not worth me setting up and making my own for the small amount I need. Always great shipping and contact with Myc as well!

  28. Carlos U. (verified owner)

    High quality plates at an unbeatable price point.

    I’m a super busy guy and don’t have the time to make my own plates. I was buying from a larger vendor from a large marketplace, until I saw Myc was selling plates.

    Once my order came in, I knew I’d never stray. The price and quality have solidified me as a repeat buyer.

  29. . (verified owner)

    10/10 the dishes arrived in good shape on time and were clean and the customer service was superb love to support this guy!!

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