SPECIAL: $50/shipped on 2 7lb & 2 3lb bag orders. Select this option, NO COUPON REQUIRED!

I am able to offer both manure & sawdust mushroom growing substrates in volumes of 3lb & 7lb accommodating needs for growers seeking to work with either wood loving mushrooms (lignophiles) or dung loving mushrooms (corporphiles) like agaricus blazei, agaricus bisporus or other cultivated species of dung loving mushrooms.

For custom blends or bulk orders (10 bags+), please contact

Manure is 50:50 blend of manure & hydrated vermiculite by weight (pictured)

Shipping is in flat rate boxes only. If you order alongside other items these will ship separately.

This keeps costs lower (free boxes & supplies) as 3 & 7lb (up to 20lbs can go in a large flat rate) is heavy to ship, doubly so when you order more.