Measure Relative Humidity (RH) & temperature in your fruiting environment for your mushroom growing experiments and be put in complete control of your mushroom grows! Humidity is the most important factor to mushrooms when not considering the species and fresh air & temperature depending on which we are talking about in terms of important factors in order.

Generally, we want mushrooms between 65F – 75F & 60-90%+- RH (relative humidity) – if you’re not aware of what relative humidity is, it’s simply humidity relative to the temperature it is being measured in. In other words, when the temperature is warm, more water vapor can be in the air than when it is cold. This is why these hygrometers will generally have temperature displays in addition to reading RH. For growing mushrooms, you can’t go wrong by adding one of these to your SGFC, Greenhouse or Monotub with ANY mushroom grow.

Yes, the big box stores have them. Feel free to choose one of those, we offer these not for practicality but for convenience and to ensure the success of our mushroom growing kits & other products. Thanks for looking!