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$1 Pre-Poured Petri & Slant Subscription

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Due to overwhelming demand & popularity, I am offering a simple way for people to never have to worry about agar again! The subscription is for 20 plates or 20 slants, at either monthly or quarterly intervals.

Not only is shipping discounted to a flat $10 for subscription customers (a $5+ savings) but you also reap the benefit of FREE PARAFILM (or alternatives) with every order and $1 pricing all year round! No need to wait until the 1st Thursday of every month to get in on the $1/dish savings!

If you’d like more than 20 dishes or slants, just increase the quantity to match the amount of dishes your operation requires.




Quick Subscription FAQ

“How does this all work?”

It’s as simple as select the items you want, setup payment & enjoy the convenience of automated agar shipments to your door.

“Are these made to order? I don’t want to wait around.”

Your first shipment may be made to order depending on order volume, but I do try to pour extras to keep shipping times low. After your first order, your orders will ship on the date which you subscribed each month. For example, if you subscribed quarterly on the 1st of the month you would be billed on the 1st of the month every 3 months and your plates will ship on the 1st of every 3rd month from your order date. Keeping in mind that your first order may be made to order and take up to a week, reply to your order confirmation email to let me know if you’re in a hurry!

“What if I want to order 100, or 1000 plates?”

No matter the quantity ordered, shipping will be $10 flat rate, just add 5 of the 20 packs to the cart. Voila! If you’d really like to order 1000 plates, be sure to email me for bulk pricing.

“What if I want to mix?”

Mix away! Remembering that you are ordering 20 packs of slants or petri dishes, just add & purchase the desired items.

“What if I want a schedule other than advertised?”

Email me! I’ll see what I can do to help.

“Can I store these in the fridge?”

Absolutely! In a sealed container (or ziplock bag), refrigerated petri-dishes & slants can last for quite some time.

General Product Details

I offer convenient agar solutions for both home & commercial mushroom growers. In this case I help to remove the hassle from pouring petri dishes in a still air or glove box, or even for those with flow hoods who are just too busy to make their own plates while running a mushroom farm.

I am happy to help with sterile petri dishes for culture work and slants for long term storage of mushroom cultures.

Upon receipt feel free to refrigerate, use when ready to get to work! Add antibiotics to the dishes/slants in the event you’re working with spores, tissue transfers (cloning mushrooms) or are otherwise concerned about bacterial contaminants. For slants, it can’t hurt to have an added layer of protection, but is not necessary!

NOTE: Don’t use antibiotics as a crutch for poor technique, it will bite you in the ass!

Pre-Pours are NOT individualy wrapped, they arrive in 20 packs in sealed gallon zip-locks. If you would like pre-wrapped plates, send me an email for a vendor recommendation!

Some condensate can be expected when conditions outside (during shipping) are not comparable to inside (when you bring the box indoors). To remedy this, after sealing the plates, store them upside down and condensate will dissipate within 1-2 days.

Additional information

Type (20/ea) & Frequency

Monthly Slants, Monthly Plates, Quarterly Slants, Quarterly Plates


With Antibiotics, Without Antibiotics

1 review for $1 Pre-Poured Petri & Slant Subscription

  1. Thomas Furrow (verified owner)

    Product came in timely manner after taking my subscription and I was able to use them the day they arrived! Having great results so far too!! Highly recommend these for anyone not wanting to do any pouring themselves or just like the added ease of having your ‘work’ done and shipped to your door for you, now let the fun part begin!! 5 out of 5 stars all the way!

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