These are all Myc’s personal selections from our entire wild stock of Hericium erinaceous cultures. Selected for attributes like fast growth, impressive fruiting, host preferences, and other unique traits. Each culture you receive will include relevant notes about the strains within.

All are confirmed fruiting strains, with hearty growth.

Want to make sure you’re able to back these up? Don’t forget to order pre-poured slants! For any culture we receive we make many copies, depending on the intended use, up to hundreds! Being as close to the original culture as possible, your cultures will perform better if you pull from masters instead of propagating indefinitely. Good culture management practices play a key role in managing culture libraries long term. Don’t be shy to email us if you have questions!

Mixed Tray (In Stock)

These trays have a variety of the original 12 cultures listed under Pack 1 and Pack 2, you will receive 6 randomly inoculated (and clearly labeled) cultures!

Pack 1 (Sold Out)

HE-MAP – Found originally on a maple tree, this is a pretty culture that happily fruits on agar with THICK, luxuriant growth!
HE-BIR – Found originally on a birch tree, this one has a STRIKING display on agar! Nice fruiting!
HE-95 – A Pennsylvania culture, one of my best performers!
HE-U-HT – A heat-tolerant strain that can take temperatures up to 90F without a problem! Picky pinning range requires some extra attention to the environment. Unique mycelial structure!
HE-NE – Aggressive strain from Nebraska, fluffy mycelium.
HE-VA – This one’s a plate climber! Aggressive, serious fruiter! Sourced from Virginia.

Pack 2 (Sold Out)

HE-PA1 – Another wild Pennsylvania culture, aggressive and happy to fruit!
HE-PA2 – Light growing, but very strong! A wild Pennsylvania specimen.
HE-CA – One of the most interesting mycelial structures of the batch, sourced from California. Fruits wonderfully!
HE-21 – A star performer from the collection, this one didn’t have an original sourcing location. Mysterious!
HE-VA – A wild strain from Virginia, this was found growing on an Oak tree. Aggressive, but light growing.
HE-TX – This one’s not from Texas, it’s from New Jersey! Collected by a friend, this is THE PRETTIEST GROWING CULTURE I HAVE!