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Organic 7lb Red Reishi Mushroom Growing Kit (Ganoderma lucidum)


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Growing Reishi from artificial logs (bagged sawdust) is almost too easy, and it comes with two options! One is essentially set and forget, the other requires the usual humidity & fresh air considerations for growing most gourmet & medicinal mushrooms (high RH & lots of FAE). Reishi grows BEST around 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit but a wide range is tolerable down to 65F and even lower (it will just be slower) with humidity levels between 75-85%. Sunlight helps to enrich this mushroom with color but can be drying, best to avoid it if not fruiting in an enclosed space (greenhouse or similar) to avoid drying the substrate.

Only 5 left in stock


Reishi Conks Vs Antlers

Reishi Conks (High FAE) VS Antlers (High CO2)

You may have seen my sticker & shirt design for the ‘Reishi Antlers’ – that’s the joke! When grown in a HIGH CO2 environment (important to note that the mycelium growing in the bag produces CO2), the morphology of Ganoderma species generally tends to produce an antler like stalk of an often candy corn colored fruiting body. When subjected to higher amounts of O2 (oxygen aka the ‘fresh’ of the Fresh Air Exchange FAE) the morphology becomes more conk or shell like. You can mix both styles as seen in the product photo, the bag was allowed to pin (baby mushrooms are technically called primoridia but we call them pins) for some time (growing mycelium produces CO2 therefore the area in the bag above the substrate CO2 dense and we see the response in the shape of the fruit body as ‘antlers’ – when the top of the bag was removed & introduced to fresh, humid air, it was allowed to blossom into absolutely GORGEOUS reishi conks. Reishi antlers, conks, or both?Β  You decide. Here’s how!

“I have a table and I want to do absolutely NOTHING to grow my mushrooms”

Reishi Sporegasm Ganoderma lucidum kit oopsGREAT! That’s the ‘antler in the bag’ or ‘In Vitro’ method of growing. You will be limited in final yield, but you can let these grow until they reach the filter and they’ll eventually grow through it. If you have a humid area in your home it will probably be fine, in my PA winters reishi bags have grown through the filter sitting on my desk and while not pretty on the outside of the bag, the inside was gorgeous!

“I have existing grows/experience with growing mushrooms and I’m down for a little work”

Great! Read through the above paragraphs again, it should inspire you to think about what style you’d like to try, or maybe a combination of both. Keep CO2 high (tight cotton in a monotub/taped holes in SGFC/tub with lid cracked) and you can cut the top off the bag and let the pins go nuts in the monotub. If you decide halfway through that you’d rather have conks, great! Unplug that polyfill and let the tub breathe more while still retaining humidity levels. If you would prefer to go straight to conks, great! Remove the top of the bag (you don’t want to remove the whole bag) and provide the same conditions you would any other gourmet mushroom (70-95%RH & lots of fresh air) and you will be set.

There Is a LOT of LIQUID!? Should I Worry About Reishi Metabolites ?

Reishi mushrooms can and do more often than not produce what is generally accepted as metabolites. Do not be concerned on pooling red or brown secretions that develop in the bag as your grow progresses. This may be dumped, & in doings so you will learn that Reishi mushrooms are one of the toughest – don’t worry about harming them. It’s why companies like Ecovative are using mushrooms to produce clothing, or companies like Critical Concrete with building mushroom based materials & more. I have personally made mushroom insulation and panels from recycled cardboard, I have to say – Ganoderma species are the toughest. I have one tub which was dried in the oven & allowed to sit outdoors. It’s nearly 2 years old, you’d never know. It’s super tough, and has promise for other applications – by getting your hands on your own Reishi you’ll see what I mean.

How To Harvest Reishi

Anyone who has ever let Ganoderma sp. spawn colonize for too long knows the struggle of fighting with this species. It can be tricky to harvest, it’s rather tough – almost wood like in texture & as the fruit body ages it becomes harder to slice. As such, you may find it easier to use a sharp pair of sanitized scissors or even pruning snips for gardening. You can also pull really hard, the substrate won’t mind if you take a small chunk out of it.

When Do I Harvest Reishi?

This is open to debate, but generally with conks the white band around the outside will begin to get smaller as the fruit body matures & just as this starts to happen is the best time to harvest before it over matures. You can harvest at any time you see fit, but to get the most from the kit, let it run it’s course! With antlers, the same concept applies (white edge of gandoerma fruit bodies is the growing edge) so as long as new growth is occurring, you’re good to grow. Again, harvest at any time but be patient to reap the full fruits of your labor, literally!

What To Do With Spent Substrate?

You will get one REALLY good harvest from this block before it’s ‘spent’ for artificial cultivation – but you can take your experiment outdoors by burying it so the block is 1-2″ beneath ground level and you may find that when all the conditions are right, you’ll have fruits. Try this in a shaded area! Watering won’t hurt, but it’s more fun to be surprised by the natural processes! You can also get creative and try the same in an indoor flower pot or otherwise, mushrooms are forgiving & just want to spread their spores. They’ll do about ANYTHING to do that, but the process of pinning requires a lot of CO2 and therefore creates an environment fit for competitors who have landed on and in the newly exposed substrate post harvest. By burying them, we let the organism exist in a more natural environment it’s prepared to thrive in, and as a result we can get more fruits than otherwise but this is not guaranteed. This is simply mimicking the processes used by commercial Reishi growers.

Spores And Mushroom Growing

It’s said reishi mushrooms can produce over a POUND of spores. Think about that! Letting this mushroom grow too long will result in spores as seen in the above photo from over 5 years ago before I knew ANYTHING about spore related sensitivities and allergies. Here’s a copy/paste from my favorite mushroom author ‘Peter Oei’, and his book titled ‘Mushroom Cultivation: With A Special Emphasis On Appropriate Techniques For Developing Countries’ Page 253, Appendices Section B:

Mushrooms produce millions of spores. Many people are sensitive to these spores and respond with allergic symptoms when exposed to extreme numbers of them. Up to now, Oyster mushrooms, Auricularia and Shiitake have been reported to cause allergic alveolites, a lung disease. Other mushrooms are likely to give the same problems if they are cultivated on a large scale in closed growing rooms. Spore allergies can also be caused by Actinomyces during the fermentation process of producing Agaricus compost.

This said, I do not have the same disclaimer with my Lion’s Mane kits as they are generally not as happy (read EXTREMELY UNLIKELY) to produce spores, I have only had Lion’s Mane sporegasm a few times in my 8 years. Reishi on the other hand, is happy to produce spores. KEEP AN EYE ON THE WHITE BAND! If it gets smaller, you’re on your way to sporulation and you should harvest before it’s too late! A few spores will not kill you (unless you are already sensitive) but I have seen mushroom lung first hand in my commercial experience with Agaricus sp. & I would hate to miss an opportunity to spread consumer awareness. Sporeless strains have been developed for a lot of commercial species, but a sporeless Reishi is unlikely to be sought as Reishi spores are generally regarded as a more potent medicinal byproduct of reishi than the spores alone.

Please take into consideration spore load when growing mushrooms in your home, and try to exhaust your grows outside if there is a chance they may sporulate OR – if they do, try to wear a respirator when you’re moving the spores/bags around. That’s all it takes to prevent long term exposure which may exacerbate otherwise non-existent sensitivities.

Don’t let this scare you, but inspire you to take control of your health & that of others around your grows. Demand sporeless strains, the market will follow suit and it has been. Sylvan has ‘Spoppo’ a renowned sporeless Pleurotus strain. If you’ve grown a ‘Sporeless Oyster’ – it’s likely to have come from Sylvan.

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 in

22 reviews for Organic 7lb Red Reishi Mushroom Growing Kit (Ganoderma lucidum)

  1. . (verified owner)

    Very Happy with my order!!! Thank you MYCTYSON MUSHROOMS! I have already recommended you to my friends. Fast delivery, items packed well, affordable, and great quality. Coming back for more.

  2. Lisa S. (verified owner)

    This is the first kit I have purchased but it arrived on time and looks to be in fantastic condition.

  3. Alex D. (verified owner)

    Leagues above the rest. I ordered a red reishi block and it was delivered fully colinized with almost the entire top covered with pins. I also ordered a lions mane block from another compony called “north spore” (around the same time) they basically sent me an un-colinized block and I’m still waiting for it to colinize the rest of the way. But anywho myctyson knows what he’s doing and I wouldn’t go to anyone else after seeing the quality and care he puts into his company and products.

    • Myc T.

      Thank you for the generous review! We work from the heart with the new grower in mind, I appreciate you noticing the difference in our quality! Anything you ever need you know I’m just an email away! Happy growing Alex!

  4. . (verified owner)

    love the product…ordering more of it

  5. Gregory U. (verified owner)

    First off any review is two parts, the product and the experience/service in the transaction. The MycTyson customer experience is 5 stars on both. There are regular communications from time of order, to fulfillment to shipping information that always keep me informed about my kit. The kits are massive 7lbs beasts that come fully colonized and ready to rock-and-roll. Don’t sleep on these Reishi kits, easy to grow but still have you as the grower fully involved in the process. With Myc’s easy to follow instructions i am confident that know how to grow conks or antlers and that both are totally okay and a personal choice.

  6. . (verified owner)

    couldn’t be more satisfied !

  7. . (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my order. Great communication and best product. I will order more.

  8. . (verified owner)

    This was my first time growing Reishi and it was a success!!! I decided to put the blocks in a storage container and open three times a day for FAE. They came in beautifully! Excellent quality product. Thanks Myc!!!

  9. Jesse N. (verified owner)

    I loved my first kit so much… I got two more! These are so easy to take care of, hardy and look beautiful. Myctyson’s customer service and willingness to share knowledge and help out when someone like me panics and cut the the top off the bag πŸ˜€

    Organic 7lb Red Reishi Mushroom Growing Kit (Ganoderma lucidum)
  10. . (verified owner)

    My package arrived two days early. The package was in good shape, with no type of damage. The block looks good, and is almost solid white which is good. My second order from myctyson, and will not be my last!
    I will update with pictures when the spawn has fruited.

  11. . (verified owner)

    Super impressive mushroom kit!! I’m really happy I found MycTyson mushrooms!! I am so happy with the kit I got, and love watching her grow! Because I drink Reishi tea, after I saw what a great product this kit is, I went ahead and ordered 2 more since it’s such a great price. Myc has been great at answering all my questions, and puts a lot of care and kindness into his products and customer service. Definitely ordering the lions mane kit soon as it’s cool enough for it to grow here!!
    Thanks Myc!!

  12. . (verified owner)

    If you love Myc’s Lions Mane kits, you know you’re gonna love the resihi. So awesome! Probably my favorite mushroom, just loving it..

  13. . (verified owner)

    Second time ordering and once again, expectations exceeded. Myc never fails to deliver quality products, and as a bonus is super kind and helpful.
    I can’t recommend his stuff enough, especially if you’re just getting started.

  14. Ryan T. (verified owner)

    My new favorite mushrooms to watch grow! And you know its gonna be quality if it comes from Myc Tyson. The kit already had a few pins when it arrived. I started out just leaving it on the table to let it grow antlers after they grew 3-4 inches I cut the top off and threw it in my grow tent to let it conk out. So many different color changes and beautiful looking mushrooms.

    Organic 7lb Red Reishi Mushroom Growing Kit (Ganoderma lucidum)
  15. . (verified owner)

    What a beautiful grow kit–I am blown away, and super grateful that I waited and pre-ordered, because this is more than anything I ever expected. Thank you for taking such pride in your work–it really shows.

  16. Hieu N. (verified owner)

    Extremely easy and satisfying to grow! The entire process from pinning to harvest only took about 3 weeks. I ended up cutting off the top part of the bag to allow more FAE and the antlers quickly turned into conks. Make sure to keep an eye out for sporulation!

    Organic 7lb Red Reishi Mushroom Growing Kit (Ganoderma lucidum)
    Organic 7lb Red Reishi Mushroom Growing Kit (Ganoderma lucidum)
  17. . (verified owner)

    Im loving this project! Definitely enjoying the experience the antlers are beautiful! Please make these available again soon! Thanks!!

  18. . (verified owner)

    I’m amazed at the quality! After pinning the mushrooms in the bag I’ve put them in a SGFC to conk out. So excited for the harvest of this quality amazing Mushroom

  19. . (verified owner)

    My Reishi kit came in great condition and ready to fruit. Great quality and service as always. Appreciate it MycTyson πŸ™‚

  20. ophelia c. (verified owner)

    Best products, amazing communication, AAAA+++ delivery and packaging. I ordered two of these Reishi kits over the last year and I am always satisfied with Myctyson’s service and the quality of the products. This is a fun and easy way to begin a life long love of mycology. thanks Myctyson!!

    Organic 7lb Red Reishi Mushroom Growing Kit (Ganoderma lucidum)
  21. Kevin B. (verified owner)

    Great communication and really happy with my order. Only 4 days in and just started pinning. Very healthy mycelium!

  22. . (verified owner)

    Great product like every other product from MycTyson, thank you!

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