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7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit

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The last EIGHT pre-orders sold out! I EVEN ADDED 50 MORE! Get your order in today to guarantee your blocks! 
Pro Tip: The BEST SHIPPING VALUE is on 2+ blocks, it costs a few dollars more to ship 2 than it does 1!

My Lions Mane Substrate are fully colonized and ready to fruit with just a few environmental adjustments, meaning anyone can grow “your own” mushrooms right at home.

You will receive a FULLY COLONIZED Lions Mane substrate, ready to be poked, deflated & placed into fruiting conditions to immediately get growing Lions Mane mushrooms at home.

This mushroom is forgiving, easy to grow & so long as instructions listed below are followed, you will grow pounds of Lions Mane mushrooms with relative ease!

Each 7lb Lions Mane kit consists of fully colonized, supplemented hardwood & using a commercial Lions Mane strain, these blocks produce prolifically, without much effort outside of maintaining fruiting conditions.

These Lions Mane kits will happily produce 3-4 flushes or ‘breaks’, depending on how many holes you use when fruiting. You can expect at least 4lbs of fresh product. At $16lb on average, these kits pay for themselves in the first harvest, and some growers do buy and sell fruits from my Lions Mane kits at market. Send me an email or contact me on socials for bulk/scheduled needs!

Upon receipt simply follow the instructions on the label, or follow the detailed write up below!


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Grow Lions Mane Mushrooms at Home!

Ready to save time by purchasing a fully colonized & ready to fruit Lions Mane kit?

I have the best priced Lion’s Mane mushroom kits (you won’t find 7lb Lion’s Mane kits priced this low anywhere else), tiny 1lb kits ship for less, but you won’t get POUNDS of gourmet mushrooms from growing those mushroom growing kits! Shipping is a bit more for heavier kits and sometimes depending where you live, it may be more than the actual Lion’s Mane Mushroom kits cost (I don’t rip you off like some other companies may), but it’s well worth the investment for the amateur or first time grower to work with professionally made Lion’s Mane mushroom kits. National average for Lion’s Mane mushrooms is $16/lb retail, the first harvest literally pays for itself.

This mushroom is forgiving, easy to grow & so long as instructions are followed, you will grow pounds of Lions Mane mushrooms with relative ease!

The Lions Mane mushroom is a choice edible, and is readily devoured both for taste and somatic benefits. With plenty of fresh air and light humidity, these substrates will happily produce fruit bodies that form as “spiked” puffballs.

To learn more about growing Lions Mane kits, click here!

For a visual guide to cooking cooking Lions Mane mushrooms, click here!

For a great Lion’s Mane Garlic Crostini recipe, click here!

Lions Mane Kit Instructions

How to Open Your Lions Mane Kit

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Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in
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37 reviews for 7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit

  1. Chris Fontes (verified owner)

    Awesome product – fast shipping – excellent communication!

  2. Patrick Fast (verified owner)

    I am super impressed with this kit. I apologize that my phone camera takes pictures that are too large file-size to upload, but they look like Lion’s Mane, I promise. I’ve never eaten any Hericium before and I’m truthfully astounded by how delicious they are!! Just seared with butter and a little garlic and dried marjoram, but next up is going to be a buttery Lion’s mane sauce poured over lobster ravioli. I’m very much looking forward to it. I am in a warmer climate so I gave them a few weeks to mature, and I’m glad because my patience paid off. The fruit morphology varies from the fruits closer to the moisture source which was fun to observe. Regardless of the more branched vs. less branched fruits, they taste equally delicious. I would equate the flavor with a well-done brisket from Korean BBQ, which is literally my favorite thing in the world. So overall, 10/10 definitely will purchase again. So easy and such a great payoff!!! Try for yourself, and I assure you it’s worth every penny.

  3. Bryson Vadder (verified owner)

    This was my first order from MycTyson. My lions mane kits (4x) were delivered when they were supposed to. I’ve had them for just a few days and the bags are already pinning with strong growth. So far everything is progressing above expectations. Thanks MycTyson!

  4. TODD ROMINE (verified owner)

    I bought 2 kits and they both started pinning after a few days. A few days after that I had 4 big fruits out of each block. They were the best tasting mushrooms I have ever had. A few weeks later, I had 4 more large heads on each block again. These are well worth the money. I recommend these 100%!!!

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  5. Andrew Schmidt (verified owner)

    Amazing kit all in all! Package was in great condition especially for shipping across the states lol. I followed the directions that came in the box all except an optimal environment that had enough fresh air. So of course it didnt look happy. But as soon as I gave it what it needed the pins that formed, immediately started bouncing back! Talk about healthy and strong genetics! Definitely recommend to anyone and everyone, great customer service and great quality, thanks Myc!

  6. ath (verified owner)

    These are the best colonized lion’s mane blocks I have found. Have bought from two other sites in the past. The other sites were not pre-order, so they basically sent me whatever they had laying around. I say that because I literally was sent blocks that should have been thrown out. The best part of ordering here is, they ship when they are ready. I will definitely order many more from myctyson.

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  7. Hieu Nguyen (verified owner)

    First time Lion’s Mane mushroom grower here. Myctyson’s kit was super simple to fruit and a great way to get started! He’s got a wealth of information on his website including videos with easy-to-follow instructions. Excellent experience all around. Looking forward to my next grow!

  8. askjedifungi (verified owner)

    Excellent blocks! Evenly colonized substrate. Premium bags and I’m sure premium genetics. The Myc Tyson blocks started fruiting right away and are doing way better than the blocks that I made. Outstanding customer service

  9. Justin Olson (verified owner)

    I bought 4 blocks and I’m blown away with how quick these are fruiting! I had previously bought elsewhere and the myctyson blocks produce quicker and better than others I’ve tried! I will definitely be buying again. Thank you!

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  10. rythomas2525 (verified owner)

    Best lions mane grow kit on the market! Myc Tyson is also extremely helpful with whatever questions you might have. My kit is still a few days from harvest but I’m very impressed with how quick it went into fruiting and the size of the mushrooms already.

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  11. Callie Weldon (verified owner)

    5 stars *****

    It was such an incredible experience ordering from MycTyson – he definitely has a lifelong customer in me. I purchased my first order for my boyfriend’s Christmas gift. The post office did a number on the package when shipping and not only did it STILL grow like a champ, but MycTyson filed a postage claim and sent me a new one in his next batch! We ordered two more immediately after seeing the results and each one has given us 2 rounds of beautiful harvests. I can’t recommend this product enough!

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  12. Daniel Shuman (verified owner)

    They don’t call him the Lion king for nothing. These are the best value you can get by far, and are perfect for anyone interesting in having these incredible mushrooms in their life. Myc is the man. he is so generous and knowledgeable. My life is better because I found him.

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  13. Verlin Nangle (verified owner)

    picked up 2 blocks and im amazed at the size of lions mane fruits im getting off them. the fruits are almost the size of the blocks. fast growing ready to grow. very healthy substrate. 10/10.

  14. Brianna Alexander (verified owner)

    Wow, what an insanely stellar product! I love watching these babies grow, and am super grateful for the support and advice while growing! Customer service like this pretty much unheard of, as are products of this caliber. Keep it up, Myc!

  15. Steven Bressan (verified owner)

    Wow, first time growing a kit, and Myc really knocked it out if the park with this one. These are extremely high quality and definitely worth the value. I have plenty of delicious lion’s mane after about two weeks as advertised. Looking forward to future flushes.

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  16. Gordon Karlsson (verified owner)

    These kits are awesome! This was my first time buying from Myc Tyson, and I have to say i am so very glad that I purchased these kits! Just one flush from one of the two kits I ordered yielded more than both of the two flushes I got from a Northspore block combined. Not only did they yield more, they also grew significantly faster! I will definitely be buying more lions mane kite from Myc Tyson in the future!!!

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  17. Chance Martin (verified owner)

    Just harvested my first ever fruits! I was pleasantly surprised, because one of my bags got bruised really badly in shipping (completely not Myc’s fault, entirely on the shipper)…it took over a week longer than the other bag to start fruiting, but fruit it did! Close to half the block is bruised, and the edges of the bruise actually recolonized with super fluffy mycelium from the unbruised side – but it’s vigorous and healthy enough that even that level of damage didn’t slow it down in the slightest! Obviously got some good genetics going here, and a very skilled hand preparing everything.
    Shipping was very fast, and when I emailed with concerns about the bruising, he was very quick to respond with ample information, educating me and reassuring me that the block would be fine.
    Great product, fast shipping, fast and attentive customer service…11/10, will order again.
    Thanks for all you do, MycTyson!!!

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  18. heather (verified owner)

    First time growing Lion’s Mane and I couldn’t be happier! These kits are healthy, fast and prolific growers, and Myc is great guide throughout the process. The mushrooms taste fantastic, and I will be ordering again soon. Thanks again.

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  19. Janic Castagner (verified owner)

    I ordered two kits (with a 1/6/2020 date) and so far have been super pleased with the results- still growing my first flush and these are very easy to care for (I put them in dubtubs but will probably move them to one large fruting tub soon) – but for a beginner grower, these are ideal- and I’ll be sure to order more and hopefully in the future be able to propagate more myself by cloning some fruits.
    But seriously- if you have an interest in mycology or home growing, these are an EXCELLENT way to start.
    15/10 would get again.

    Thanks Myc!

  20. bondersam (verified owner)

    Myc Tyson knocks it out with both these lions mane kits and his customer service. Like Tyson in his prime these kits are simply too tough. Best I’ve used. Get them while you still can.

  21. Robert Weisman (verified owner)

    Competitively priced and way better than the competition. I gave one of these blocks to my Mom and she got 3 delicious flushes fruiting in a plastic tote with a wet towel for humidity. Anyone can fruit these blocks and they produce amazing Lions Mane mushrooms!

    Myc also happens to be an amazing person and absolutely worth supporting!

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  22. Wolf Metal Roots (verified owner)

    Five blocks in, I am just getting started but we love them! So easy anyone can do it…i even handed them out as Christmas gifts 🎁 and I am ready to order more! Thanks so much for sharing these, your an awesome dude, great customer service and your a big inspiration! Even the wolves love lions mane 😉 Thanks again!

    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit
  23. MARTIN FINN (verified owner)

    Purchased the 2 block kit from Myc. On flush 2 with my first block and flush 1 with the second. Both were stupidly easy to figure out. Other than some humidity problems early in my first block, which Myc was happy to help me with, they’ve been coming in beautifully. I pulled 2.5 lbs of mushrooms out of my first flush and that was despite screwing it up a bit. Looking forward to ordering another set of blocks once these are exhausted. I plan to experiment with using the substrate to inoculate some trees I took down in my yard as well.

  24. liamwhit3 (verified owner)

    Huge success! I bought one of these Lion’s Mane growing kits without have any experience whatsoever with growing mushrooms. I just harvested my first flush and I am extremely happy with the results. Along the way I had a few questions, and Myc was super responsive every time, almost always getting back to me within the hour. I would recommend this kit to anyone looking to get into mushroom growing!

  25. Jase Martinez (verified owner)

    I had ordered 2, 7 lb blocks and they both came fully colonized and were shipped and received quickly. I am on my 3rd flush currently in my fruiting chamber. Within 3 days the fruit had started and my first flush weighed 151 grams and took 2 weeks when I decide to harvest. Second flush was within same 2 weeks. Looking forward to ordering more. Thank you MYCTYSON!

  26. ophelia (verified owner)

    BEST EVER! This is my 3rd order and will not be the last! Myctyson is communicative, sends tracking, great pricing. You can’t go wrong with any product from MYCTYSON! 5 STARS!

  27. deanmc (verified owner)

    I bought two of these kits having previously never grown lions mane mushrooms. After poking holes in the bags it only took a little more than a week before I had fungi poking through the holes. They grow fast! This is definitely the best way IMO to get lions mane in your diet. Supplements are expensive, I feel like you get a lot more for your money growing them yourself plus you make delicious dishes with them! I’ll definitely be buying more of these!

  28. Cale Mobley (verified owner)

    Hands down the best colonized block you can get and at a price that’s unbeatable. Not only os this an amazing product Myctyson goes out of his way to provide some of the best customer service out there, my package got lost in the mail and he went out of his way during the holidays to get me a new one,if you want the best lions mane out there hit that order button, you won’t be disappointed

  29. Bentson Peng (verified owner)

    Love these Lion’s Mane blocks! Fair price and great product. Fantastic support, quick response and detailed replies to my many questions.

  30. seanlinn420 (verified owner)

    Hat’s off to myctyson for these knock out lionsmane kits! Long story short, I messed up on the simple instructions and I have huge fungal body’s on both sides of the bag lol. I’ve bought many lionsmane kits from Paul Staments, but these are way bigger and more vigorous. I will definitely be buying more!

  31. Daniel Shuman (verified owner)

    I’m in love with this product. I’m somewhat new to mycology and having a pre-made kit for such a wonderful fungi is a blessing.

    Myc is the man. His passion and dedication shine. His generosity with his advice is second to none. I love businesses like these, run by truly passionate human beings.

    My order arrived earlier than expected. Myc has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. I’ve already ordered 4 more from the next batch!

  32. ophelia (verified owner)

    Best supplier of Lions Mane, Reishi, fast delivery, follow-through, information and more. Consistent top quality and get support. I am a new grower and this site is amazing for support and “how to’s”. thank you MycTyson for the best-colonized bags ever! (I had purchased
    7lb Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit – 2 × 1)

  33. hartseth (verified owner)

    These kits are amazing! I have never grown any gourmet mushrooms before and this was so easy. The bags came fully colonized as promised and looked beautiful. Set up was very easy and I had full fruit ready to pick in 10 days. Myctyson was very prompt on order information and when I had a question about the grow he was right there and answered quickly. I am definitely buying from the December batch! You won’t regret buying these.

  34. Lee Garrison (verified owner)

    The colonized blocks of lions mane are very simple and easy to take care of when growing mushrooms. They showed up as promised in their bags with directions on how to care for it. I have harvested my first flush and and very happy with the results. I have shared them with my family members that can’t believe how tasty they are and I plan to pick up a few more for Christmas presents!

  35. David Scott (verified owner)

    I have bought three pre made lions mane blocks in the past year. One from myctyson. The first one I got really disappointed me. Only one flush and they were puny. The second one did better but still didn’t blow me away. The last one I got I purchased from this site and it has completely surpassed my expectations. 10/10. Beautiful and HUGE fruit bodies and they showed up fast!! On my third flush right now and they still have me in awe. Confident that there will be even a fourth. I have also gotten cultures from here that worked out perfectly for me. Great customer service and it arrived in a very timely manner!! I now know I won’t be going anywhere else for my mushroom needs! 🍄🤘🏽

  36. Jack Greene (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these mycelium kits and it is growing already after 3 days my wife wants to eat the lobster mushroom more than I want to look at it! I recommend this kit as a old guy who doesnt know much it is really easy to use thanks myctyson I am going to order another one in two months

  37. TheFungusBunker (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from MYCTYSON Mushrooms. What a fantastic experience! My Lions Mane pre-colonized substrate was strong and consistent. It produced 5.73lbs of fresh, tender mushrooms over 3 months without contamination. UNHEARD of!! The customer service was also incredible. He answered my questions and cheered me on as I grew beautiful Lions Mane mushrooms.

    I highly recommend this supplier! I will be a repeat customer!

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