• Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Culture

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    Red Reishi Culture - Colonized Plates


    This is the number of plates ready to ship! If they are sold out and you backorder plates they can take 2+- weeks to colonize for shipping!

    Free Shipping! Lead time on plate orders, for now, is ~2 weeks. In the future we hope to build and maintain ready-to-ship stock, please be patient when ordering cultures. WE ARE NOT OFFERING LIQUID CULTURE - YET.
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    Free Shipping! Cordyceps militaris is a boast-worthy addition for any collector. This clubbed mushroom is renowned for its veracious, yet astounding, takeover of insect hosts. This particular species is most notable among Traditional Chinese Medicine with regard to impressive immune boosting benefits. With bugs or without, this versatile fungi can go "vegan" on a grain substrate, but fruiting bodies will be mostly starch.
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