17 03, 2021

How To Grow Mushrooms At Home Easily With A PolyTub

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Grow Mushrooms At Home, Easy! Now, more than ever, is a prime time to get a jump start on honing in your experience with growing gourmet & medicinal mushrooms at home! Maybe you have a spare room, basement space or even a shed or garage you'd like to use to grow some extra food to be more self reliant, or maybe you want access to quality home grown proteins that taste great! Whatever it is, it's a golden age for learning how to grow mushrooms at home, and it's even easier now than ever! With home mushroom growers all over the world constantly innovating and bringing new ideas to the table, we've seen just about everything there is for growing all types of gourmet, medicinal and other mushrooms like psychedelics & even ornamental mushrooms. One of our 7lb Lions Mane kits (guest appearance of

30 09, 2020

The In³8r (In-cube-eight-or) – A DIY Incubator For Mushroom Growers

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The In³8r (In-cube-eight-or) - A DIY Incubator For Mushroom Growers A high precision, low voltage, low cost, incubation chamber that anyone can build. Or build six like I did, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. A Guest Article by my friend and career mycologist, Dr. Mark Spear. Why build it? Usually, you can incubate plates, flasks, jugs, and bags at room temperature with no incubator needed. But when you are experimenting with new strains, substrates, supplements, and techniques you better know how temperature affects results. Temperature response is a core biological parameter and running off heedless and headless just gets you lost. Been there. Didn’t like it. When you put a temperature datalogger in with your cultures (you do that, don’t you?) you find that the temperature control provided by your friendly room thermostat can swing three degrees or more

26 01, 2020

Basics of Growing Mushrooms

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Basics of Growing Mushrooms How Do I Grow Mushrooms? To answer a question with another question, I suggest you first ask yourself which mushrooms you’d be interested in growing! As you may or may not already be aware species of cultivated mushrooms are lumped into one of two groups. On one hand we have our organic woodland cleanup crews consuming various woods & wood wastes converting lignin into energy to proliferate & ultimately (hopefully) produce mushrooms. These lignicolous fungi, we describe as lignophiles, otherwise known as wood loving mushrooms. On the other hand we have our dung loving coprophilic fungi aka coprophiles such as Agaricus sp., Psilocybe sp. & many others. Other areas of cultivation not directly related to gourmet mushrooms include medicinal use of parasitic fungi like Cordyceps sp. & fermented foods like Red Yeast Rice or Tempeh. As these are not the most commonly

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