Shipping times are generally detailed on the product pages. Please try your best to read the entire page for any products you have questions on, We’ve tried our best to answer most common questions relevant to each product within each page.

Some products like fully colonized substrates are on pre-order, they ship on (or around) the advertised date.

Pre-poured Petri dishes generally ship within 7 days of ordering.

Pasteurized substrates generally ship on Monday if your order was placed before Saturday in the week.

It is NOT uncommon to have surges in our order volume, delays may be possible. On the contrary, in some cases production is ahead of schedule and orders may ship earlier than advertised. If you have questions on current lead time, don’t be shy to email us.

It’s product dependent, however for customers in the US & Puerto Rico, our entire catalogue is available.

For Canadian customers, only agar (pre-poured plates), antibiotics for agar, clothing, stickers & other small supplies. The weight of other products makes them laughably expensive.

We guarantee to satisfy! We are willing to work with you in any capacity required to ensure doing business with us is an awesome experience. We are happy to reship any orders damaged during transportation, and happy to offer refunds on a case to case basis if there is every any issue that can’t be solved with a reship! If there is ever ANY issue, please take photos or a quick video, and email us at so we can help you out!

Girls have picked them, every one!

Pete Seeger jokes aside (he’s Myc’s favorite!) you may or may not be aware that Myc is beginning a breeding program specific to Hericium erinaceous (Lion’s Mane) mushrooms. As a breeder, Myc wouldn’t feel quite right offering genetics which he had no hand in developing, and as such he has temporarily ceased all culture production. We will resume with various cultures of Lion’s Mane & other hericium species as they are developed. Our historical sales will dictate which other mushrooms we focus on after this, stay tuned and if you need a culture supplier please don’t hesitate to email us! “Ad astra” – to the stars!


Email is the best way to ensure a fast reply, we can be reached at LetsGrow@MycTyson.comif you try to reach us on socials you may wait for some time before hearing back.

Thanks for understanding and respecting these boundaries to better serve everyone without burning us out.


We don’t make them to let them sit around, dry up and find opportunities to contaminate. Made fresh, the extra time allows them to colonize to satisfactory shipping levels & ship when and only when we can guarantee the product. Some weeks we will produce more than necessary for the best-selling items, but we assure you will receive a quality syringe, every time!

If you need cultures immediately, consider ordering any available spawn (which is ready to ship if it’s listed) instead. You may also consider contacting us to see if we have what you’re looking for, ready to ship or close to it. We will ALWAYS be happy to make a recommendation on a reputable vendor for your needs if we cannot satisfy your immediate needs ourselves. We care more about you growing, not necessarily who’s products you’re using, but obviously do like when you choose ours! We Just want to help you grow!

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