The In³8r (In-cube-eight-or) – A DIY Incubator For Mushroom Growers

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The In³8r (In-cube-eight-or) - A DIY Incubator For Mushroom Growers A high precision, low voltage, low cost, incubation chamber that anyone can build. Or build six like I did, it’s not as crazy as it sounds. A Guest Article by my friend and career mycologist, Dr. Mark Spear. Why build it? Usually, you can incubate plates, flasks, jugs, and bags at room temperature with no incubator needed. But when you are experimenting with new strains, substrates, supplements, and techniques you better know how temperature affects results. Temperature response is a core biological parameter and running off heedless and headless just gets you lost. Been there. Didn’t like it. When you put a temperature datalogger in with your cultures (you do that, don’t you?) you find that the temperature control provided by your friendly room thermostat can swing three degrees or more