⚠ I am taking off 5/20/21 through 6/17/21. ⚠

We sincerely appreciate your support for the past few years! We’re finally taking a family (business) trip! I’ll be meeting with some myco friends among other business obligations, it will be nice to get some travel time and meet some new friends! We will be driving from PA to AZ and then up to WA and back home. I personally can’t wait to get some cloning of new mushrooms done!

📕📖📗📘 I will also begin writing the first draft of my up coming book, “Taming The Lion” 🍄🦁 This will be a dedicated resource for simplifying the approach to growing Lion’s Mane Mushrooms and will also include a primer to breeding for the average grower. Stay tuned for that, I think I’m most excited to finally be reaching this goal!


We have arrangements to have shipments packed and shipped 1x a week while we are gone. Agar will be in limited supply, once sold out we will post a notice that orders placed will be waiting til we return. We might not be able to make enough inventory to satisfy all 4 weeks but we should be good for the first 2 weeks as far as agar goes.


We have greatly increased our production of agar to (hopefully) account for orders while we are gone but we cannot predict our sales trends (yet) and as such we are confident we have at least 2 weeks of agar from 5/20/21 – 5/27/21 and should have enough for week 3. Our 5-7 day ship time may or may not be delayed for orders after 5/27/21. Any and all outstanding orders will be promptly addressed with a priority upon our return.

Cultures, Growing Supplies etc..

All other supplies will ship Saturdays until our return and fulfilled in order of receipt upon our return. We will first be shipping out our Lion’s Mane kits for June, and then will get to agar fulfillment. If you have a question about our inventories, please email us and Allan will help you out!

Red Reishi Kits

The only product that is being delayed significantly is the delivery of our Red Reishi kits for this batch. We will be around 2 weeks behind in shipping, we understand if this is an inconvenience please email us and we’ll make it up to you!

Customer Support

Allan will be available M-F during normal support hours assisting with customer service, support and other needs for customer success!

From me, my family, my employees, those I support and those who have yet to be supported by the work we do, thank you for everything you do to support us! We are forever living our dreams, and we couldn’t be here without you guys! I know that you wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for our high quality standards and dedication to service, and we appreciate you. Every order I personally pack I still take time to thank the customer either mentally or out loud, we genuninely appreciate and value every purchase and thank you for trusting us with your money.

Mush love, and get that agar order in if you’re slacking 🤣💗🍄

The MycTyson Team