Something a good friend once said to me stuck with me, “We are connected in ways we can’t see just like the mycelium under the dirt.” Personally, I feel a genuine connection to each and every mushroom grower, enthusiast or mycophile. As such, I genuinely want every person who either wants to, or already does, make their living from anything “mushroom” to be able to do so in a marketplace that is specifically designed to cater toward mushroom people. The world of mushroom lovers is broad, I hope to bring us all closer together by launching a marketplace for finding and selling mushroom growing supplies, tincture or supplements created with mushrooms, mushroom growing kits, or even mushroom memorabilia.

The Good Fight

I do not fear competition… I embrace it as it helps to challenge ones own levels of quality against others & creates a more self regulated market decreasing cost of entry to new enthusiasts and making the hobby more accessible to all. I hope to assist my brothers & sisters fighting (what I have always referred to as ‘the good fight’) to get their products into as many hands as possible. We are both directly & indirectly helping to colonize the planet. With this approach, more people are exposed to the collective wonders and benefits of mushrooms — whether through growing them or by simply being fascinated by their mysterious nature and heritage.

Work is currently underway for the framework of MycoBazaar! Again, inspiration came in the form of a subreddit that was created early in 2019 — /r/MycoBazaar. At 1,000 subscribers in less than 3 months, we are well on our way to success! Surely, more updates to my personal mission and /r/MycoBazaar (which may very well end up being synergizing endeavors) will be posted as they are available.

At present, a small team is being put together to work on this project, as I cannot do everything myself. Active online community members are at the forefront of The MycoBazaar team so as to provide the attention required to encompass the entire scope of the project.

Stayed tuned! — Looking to roll out v1 of MycoBazaar by Q1 2020!

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