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A Summary of Experience

Growing mushrooms has been a personal hobby of mine for 8 years, and I am privileged with having another 4 years of professional growing under my belt. Within this time, I have grown from budding hobbyist to esteemed consultant, upholding knowledge and experience in many areas of mushroom growing. I am self taught through research, a lot of trial and error, and with some professional time accrued at the (now) #1 producer of Agaricus in the US. Later, my professional excursions led me to a consulting position for a small, family-owned, exotic mushroom farm, and I eventually took my own turn at selling gourmet mushrooms at market. That said, at my present state of ignorance, I am still regarded as having a good handle on mushroom growing — both for the hobbyist & commercial grower alike — but I, too, am always learning.


Some time in 2015, I started a community on Reddit for mushroom growers. As it still stands today, the primary goal/intent of this community is to provide a safe space where new growers are free to discuss unfamiliar topics; and do so without fear of being berated. After /r/MushroomGrowers was up and running, my focus (for nearly 2 years) had been on selling mushroom cultures and substrates through a website, “Get Cultured”. Since then, the tides steadily shifted, and I have turned toward formulating new ways to serve the everyday hobbyist through a mushroom grower’s market.

It feels good — Yet, these are only the start toward my ultimate goal. By grasping every opportunity to take it to the next level, and fill out the pieces to the “whole”, my passions held in the world of mushrooms are what assist me in achieving my long-term mushroom growing goals.

My Mushroom Growing Mission

My long-term mission with mushroom growing is to establish a fair trade network of mushroom growers in developing nations. This network would develop dependable revenue streams for these people by reusing locally available agricultural wastes to produce high quality mushrooms & mushroom based products for import & distribution throughout the US & perhaps even worldwide.

By enabling these communities to use agricultural waste to produce highly nutritious foods, while also providing a new way for community members to make money for their families, these areas have the potential to benefit greatly; as they might not have otherwise had access to fresh mushrooms because of the high cost of imports and furthermore, directly increasing the quality of life for these growers.

I pledge to dedicate 15% of each sale from my site toward funding this mission, and I will create & be routinely keeping an updated status on a ‘Goals’ page once we reach half way. Once my goal has been reached, the next steps in my myco-philanthropy journey will begin.


Last Updated 3/5/20

All proceeds from sticker sales will be dedicated towards this objective!

Since you’re still with me here — Why not check out some slaps? All proceeds from these sticker sales are dedicated directly toward my mission objectives. Even if you’re not interested in growing right now, your valued support (from as little as a sticker purchase) can make all the difference.