How to Prepare & Pour Agar Dishes for Mushrooms

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How to Prepare & Pour Agar Dishes for Mushrooms Fun fact, the word "agar" comes from agar-agar, the Malay name for red algae. The History of Agar in Microbiology Agar (pronounced 'ay-gar' by some, 'ah-grr' by others) is derived from seaweed, it was first put to use in microbiology in 1982 and quickly replaced gelatin as the media thickener of choice. Its higher melting temperature allowed incubation at warmer temperatures without liquefying the media. When enriched with sugar and starch, agar becomes the perfect vehicle to transport mycelium. Everything from tissue samples (clones) from wild or store bought fruitbodies to spores, colonized grains, colonized bark, and even pins (immature fruit bodies) can be used to inoculate a petri dish which has been prepared for use with mushrooms. Many growers fear the microscopic world and avoid agar initially (having heard countless horror stories of contamination resulting in homes