Growing the Lung/Phoenix Oyster Mushroom

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Growing the Lung/Phoenix Oyster Mushroom This hearty oyster mushroom is often confused with another species of oyster, Pleurotus ostreatus. However, Pleurotus pulmonaris (also known as the Lung Oyster, Phoenix Mushroom, Indian Oyster, or Italian Oyster, respectively) has a few characteristics of its own that a keen eye and spore print can easily distinguish. Habitat & Range The Lung Oyster can be found growing prolifically in several subtropical forests and temperate regions of the globe, however, it does not appear on the Pacific Northwest coast of the U.S. ++ This saprotrophic fungi is a primary woodland decomposer and is readily found on hardwood deciduous trees. Found widely across the U.S., the Lung Oyster pops up in shelf-like clusters among dead and living hardwoods, causing a “white rot”. + These mushrooms tend to arrive late into Spring, as the weather turns much warmer with the call of Summer.